lUw kind blij, onbezorgd en met zelfvertrouwen de nieuwe dag tegemoet, op naar 'de eigen top'!

 Your child happy, carefree and with self-confidence towards the new day,  

up to 'their own top'!

 But sometimes there are bumps and pits on the road to that top. Sometimes the bumps and pits can be small and you can manage, but sometimes these can also be a bit bigger and as a parent you don't know how to get your child happy and carefree again.

As a psychomotor children's coach I can help your child and you.

Does your child suffer from:
  • Not feeling comfortable in his/her own skin
  • Quickly angry and frustrated or often sad
  • Fears, such as fear of failure, or worry a lot
  • Uncertainty, little self -confidence
  • Tension complaints, such as abdominal pain or headache
  • Do not want to go to school
  • Overstimulation (eg due to high sensitivity)

I focus on the cooperation between the brain and the body
-> the psychomotor skills

I look at your child as a unique person with all their beautiful qualities and their own needs. Together with your child I will investigate these, so that your child regains self-confidence and self-insight. I teach your child in a simple way how the brain reacts to stress, the role of emotions in behavior and how body language works. We will also practice helping thoughts and relaxation. These are the Energizers for your child.
In addition, I look at what your child suffers from and what possible causes can be, the Energy guzzlers. These causes are often not (yet) known and are not quickly recognized, such as disturbances that arise from motor development, or problems with how the eyes see and the processing in the brain (visual perception). There may also be difficulties with insight and/or spatial orientation, in the cooperation between the hemispheres of the body and the hemispheres of the brain (lateralization), other learning styles (such as, for example, visual thinking), more difficult dominance patterns or unhelpful thoughts, these can cost your child a lot of energy during the day.
Together with your child I will work with movement, exercises, play and creativity, and above all with great pleasure and enthusiasm in a pleasant, safe atmosphere, at your own home. Your child becomes more optimistic and regains more resilience, self-confidence and energy to overcome the bumps and pits.
The Energy guzzlers are improved and the Energizers are strengthened.
Because I'm going to make sure that your child can go to 'their own top' again.