lUw kind blij, onbezorgd en met zelfvertrouwen de nieuwe dag tegemoet, op naar 'de eigen top'!

I help your child with fear of failure, stress, angry and sad moods, tension complaints and/or overstimulation by improving the cooperation between body and brain, and finding a balance between what gives energy and what costs energy, so that your child is happy, carefree and is confidently facing the new day, on to 'the own top', so your child can learn, grow and develop again!

Because at their own top, your child knows what it wants, is carefree and has self-confidence, but there may be bumps and pits on the way to that top. These will cost your child energy. Your child may become more tired and it is difficult to recharge for a new day. Your child is increasingly in doubt. Unhelpful thoughts (assumptions and beliefs) can then ensure that your child enters the 'I must' position, then your child no longer enjoys what he/she is doing and has the feeling that everything is a must. Your child can block and go into stress chaos mode, from here the survival strategies 'Fight' or 'Flight' will follow:

These can manifest themselves because your child reacts angry or sad very quickly , or suffers a lot from stomach aches or headaches, from all the stimuli around him, your child can have fear of failure or other fears, is easily worried or simply gets stressed. You don't understand what's going on and the school doesn't know what to do about it either.

As a psychomotor children's coach, I can help your child. Based on what your child suffers from, I observe and work on better cooperation between body and brain. I also look at which energy guzzlers can be improved and which energy givers can be strengthened, so that your child is more balanced. Your child will have more fun again, can continue to learn, grow and develop and will go to 'the own top' again,-> to face the new day happy, carefree and with self-confidence.