Stress and tension are over, from scared to happy again!  

Does your child suffer from insecurity, angry moods, stress complaints, low self-confidence, fear of failure, not wanting to go to school, overstimulation, hyperactivity and/or concentration problems ?

  • You already tried everything, but nothing helps
  • Your child is not going well and explodes at the slightest, or sometimes can be very sad
  • You don’t know what really is going on and / or notice that your child becomes or already is very insecure
  • You know one thing; You just want to see your child happy again, without worries and with self-confidence and looking forward to a new day!

What is a psychomotorical childcoach?

Psyche comes from Ancient Greek and means 'soul'
Motor skills are 'the ability to move'

Psychomotor therefore means how the cooperation between our body and our brain determines how we think, feel and act.
If your child is not feeling well (literally and figuratively), this will be noticeable in their behavior.
It is often very difficult for (young) children to indicate what is bothering them. By looking at what is underlying the behavior and what is actually bothering your child, I guide your child through movement, play, exercises and creativity.
I also look at the control your child has over the control of body movement (gross and fine motor skills). Difficulty with gross or fine motor skills can have a significant impact on your child's learning, thinking and development. Fun exercises improve the control of the body (and cooperation with the brain), which also improves how your child feels, expresses himself and learns.