Stress and tension are over, from scared to happy again!  
Please be welcome in my cozy practiceroom in Eindhoven-North.

We will start with an introductory telephone conversation.
This will be followed by an appointment for the 1st session, the first session is free of charge.

When coaching children up to 7 years old, I first start with a session with the parent (usually the mother), in order to burden the child as little as possible.
When coaching children aged 8-12 years, I usually start with a session with the child and the parent together.
When coaching teenagers aged 13-15 years, the first session depends on the adolescent's preference.
When coaching youngadults from the age of 16, the first session is with the youngadult alone. Youngadults aged 16 and over can also contact me directly.

Further appointments of 1 hour cost 60 euro incl. BTW*
Do you have another method of reimbursement (via your child's employer, municipality or school) or a question regarding costs, I will be happy to discuss other options with you or prepare a free quote.
*Reporting or contact with school only takes place at your request