Stress and tension are over, from scared to happy again!  


My name is Miranda van Poeijer and as a child I had a nickname 'Miertje' (which means little ant). 
I am now 45 years young, married and mother of 2 sons (aged almost 15 and 18). 
I have always been very interested in human biology and genetics, and what makes us who we are. 
It was therefore not surprising that I started studying Health Sciences and eventually graduated in cell biology and genetics. I subsequently had various jobs in healthcare and in scientific research. But I missed the connection with other people and children. I also had my own problems, troubles with the development and raising of my children, and my own complaints of stress and tension. Through various paths, coaching and guidance processes, I eventually followed the training to become a psychomotor child coach. 
During childhood development, many complaints, obstructive thinking paths and 'hooks' can arise that can cause problems at school and during upbringing, but also in later life. What I learned during this course really appealed to me and more courses followed. In addition, I have immersed myself in knowledge in all kinds of ways about how we humans respond to stress, what gives us tension and, especially important, learned methods and techniques on how we can reduce this for a calmer, nicer and happier life.
In any case, my life has improved greatly and I happily go through life. I wish this for every child, every teenager and every parent. That is why I started my own coaching practice called 'De Blije Mier' (which means Happy Ant).
Are you curious about my way of coaching, the methods I use or just want to get acquainted? Please feel free to contact me, I look forward to your message!